The Sea

Can you hear the sound of the sea,
Taste the scent,
Feel the power, that’s
Lured men to her shore, then
Beckoned him beyond.
Into a world as unknown above
As it is below.
Inside the deepest, darkest, bluest depths.

-Allison LaBine


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Photo by Allison LaBine; Florida

8 Responses to “The Sea”

  1. Lovely words…

  2. Beautiful! I live in Florida as well. The sunsets never get old.

    • Thank you, Danasia. The sunsets really are something, aren’t they? It’s amazing how no two are ever alike!

      • Exactly! When I lived in Fort Lauderdale and Miami the sunsets were a little more pinkish throughout. Now that I’m in a beach town in Northern Florida, they are an array of hues. I love it!

      • I believe I took that picture at Crescent Beach on the West coast. I grew up in the south of Florida too, along the East coast and have always enjoyed the variety of sky paintings we have to look at everyday! Enjoy the beach, Danasia. I wish I lived closer to one now!

  3. knudsens Says:

    Lovley photo.

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