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For no one, for everyone

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“Twice as beautiful is the experience when two hearts forged in the fires of different lives perceive the same thing and a shared smile escapes, removing all barriers from that moment.” – Allison LaBine

Photo by Allison LaBine; Alaska

Reflections of Freedom

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Waves beat at the concrete cage,
Hissing –
You are my prisoner,
Through each age.

A seagull swooped down and called,
You have no voice.
You are frozen to this spot white tower;
In what world did you have a choice?

Fog choked.  Ice cracked.
The sun’s flames
Ceaselessly scorched.
Ships passed and
Sailors turned,
Even the moon’s silhouette burned.

The tower stood,
Separate and alone;
A thousand days
Blurring into one long night,
Silence –
Echoing in hollow bone.

Hear me,
Hear my voice,
Tell me I am not alone.
My ache was a whisper,
Before a hushed cry,
Now – a raging, burning tome.

You are nothing but alone,
The wind screeched and moaned.

You will not speak,
Hold your tongue,
Your empty
Words, I steal.
They will stay down
Deep inside
Quiet and unreal.

And now no more,
Your heart has slowed,
Your faint call falls on
Deaf ears.
Close your eyes,
And go to sleep,
You are not needed here.

But something heard,
Something felt,
The wake of life above.
And reached out,
Reached up,
With sweeping arms of hope.

The gull envies you for the
Heights you have climbed;
The wind and waves for your
But your cage –
The one you have always known
Has been no one’s, but your own.

Bars built from your fear, and
Darkness reaching from your past,
Take down those walls, and
Dream –

You will be free at last.

-Allison LaBine

Photograph by Allison LaBine; Burano, Italy

Mountains in the Florida Sky

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Image by Allison LaBine


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Love transcends all barriers and limits. Sometimes the hand that reaches to comfort us does not resemble our own.

-Allison LaBine

Image gratefully borrowed from unknown.

Take my hand

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I will be strong, and
I will be weak.

The wind will bend me,
Shape me,
Break me.

The sun will burn and
Sometimes blaze.

And the rain will never fail
To fall.

But I will stand.
I will get back up.
I will keep my head held high.

But not so high,
I miss your hand,
Reaching out to take mine.

-Allison LaBine

Image & words by Allison LaBine

Reach. Never stop reaching.

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“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Image by Allison LaBine

Profound answer to the question – Who am I?

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“I am not my memories.  I am my dreams.”  – Terry Hostetler

Image by Allison LaBine