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Carina Nebula

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Seeing a dear family friend in the hospital yesterday – emaciated with four broken ribs and a punctured lung – reminded me of all my loved ones who have passed away and the times when they were still alive. I miss and love you all. I see you in the evening stars and in the morning sunlight as it suffuses the earth and the trees with golden light. I hear you in the call of the wind. May your spirits be woven back into the fabric of the universe and live on for eternity.

Image of the Carina Nebula: ©NASA


The sound of sunrise

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I walked with my memories of this beach…of Long Island.

And the sound of sunrise…the sound of peace and life. The sound of awakening.

Photo by Allison LaBine; Greenport, Long Island

Profound answer to the question – Who am I?

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“I am not my memories.  I am my dreams.”  – Terry Hostetler

Image by Allison LaBine